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Tefco Trailers understands Performance Based Standards.  We will work directly with you to maximise your payload and design your trailer to fit your PBS needs.

We have multiple blueprints to streamline your application and the proven experience that can assist you throughout the PBS process.


What is PBS?

PBS, or Performance Based Standards is a modern approach to regulating heavy vehicle design, focusing more on how well the vehicle behaves on the road, rather than the old one-size-fits-all system that concentrated mainly upon length and mass.

In the words of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR):
“The Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme offers the heavy vehicle industry the potential to achieve higher productivity and safety through innovative and optimised vehicle design.
PBS vehicles are designed to perform their tasks as productively, safely and sustainably as possible, and to operate on networks that are appropriate for their level of performance.  The basic principle of PBS is matching the right vehicle to the right tasks.
PBS vehicles are tested against 16 stringent safety standards and four infrastructure standards to ensure they fit the existing road network and are safe.  The scheme has been in operation since October 2007.”


Why PBS?

Under the PBS scheme truck and trailer combinations can carry larger payloads than prescriptobe vehicles. Greater volume or mass per trip means more profit for you the operator.

Improved vehicle design considers parameters such as acceleration, tracking, braking, cornering, roll stability and the impact on roads.


How can Tefco Help?

As a manufacturer of heavy vehicle equipment, Tefco holds many Design Approvals for PBS combinations.

If your proposed prime mover fits within the Tefco Design Blueprint you are able to streamline the process and let Tefco assist you throughout.

Tefco will have your new PBS combination manufactured, assessed, certified and approved – all that remains is for you the customer to apply for the on road permits.


How does it work?

 In summary the PBS process with Tefco follows the following stages:

 Initial Investigation

Customer to consider

·        benefits vs costs

·        investigate road network access

·        get a quote for your Truck

·        get a quote for your Tefco Trailer

PBS Design Approval

·        If you decide to proceed, order your new equipment from your dealers

·        Tefco will engineer and assess whether it fits within a Blueprint or Design Approval

·        If it doesn’t, a new design approval will need to be submitted to the NHVR which is then analysed by the Review Panel for consideration.  *Please note extra fees may apply if this step is necessary and the time frame for this approval is unpredictable.

Vehicle Build, Certification and Approval

·        Once a Design Approval is received the vehicle can be built

·        The vehicle is then inspected by an Approved Certifier and the certifier then forwards a certification package to the NHVR.

·        The NHVR then assess the submission and will issue a PBS Vehicle Approval which will list the level of access, associated masses and operating conditions.

 PBS Vehicle Access Permit

·        Once you have received your approval, the customer applies for a PBS Vehicle Access Permit with the NHVR


What do you need to do?

It is important that you consider how PBS can benefit you and assess the costs.

It is also a crucial step that you assess the road network access before committing to purchasing a PBS vehicle. Talking to your relevant state or territory road transport authority is your responsibility.


A few things to keep in mind...

PBS approvals are for the whole combination – including prime mover, trailers and the components that are fitted such as tyres, axles, and engines.  If any part needs to be replaced during the life of the combination they must be as listed on the approval or a new PBS application must be completed.

PBS approvals may be for a specific route only or for certain road types. 


Please see the links below where these processes are explained by the NHVR

PBS application process and forms

PBS Vehicle Permit

PBS approvals process

NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator)              

NHVR Journey Planner   


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